Agency Partner Benefits

Certified-Partner Seal

As a "Certified Agency Partner" of Funnelforms, your agency will benefit from additional visibility and new customer inquiries.

All agency partners are listed on our website as experts in the construction, design and configuration of particularly high-quality Funnelforms and are recommended by us.

You will also get your own profile with a backlink.

How do I participate?

To qualify for the Agency Partner Program, an Agency License is required, after which you will receive access to create your profile as well as your official Certified Partner Seal.

You will also need 3 references of funnelforms you have created. The references will not be published and only serve to test your knowledge.

Your agency should also be very familiar with Funnelforms and actively use it with many clients.

If you have an agency license email us at: and we will send you all the information, alternatively you can purchase your agency license here:

Your Benefits of the Agency Partner Program


Listing as official agency partner on our website incl. backlink.

New Customer Inquiries

Inquiries we receive to set up or configure Funnelforms will be forwarded to our agency partners.

Regular Marketing Campaigns

Introduction in our newsletter or on our social media channels.

Certified-Partner Seal

To include on your website and build trust with your customers.