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Test The Different Question Types
Test The Different Question Types

Mobile Friendly

The form integrates perfectly with any screen size and adjusts automatically.

Import / Export

Import and export individual questions, contact forms or your entire form.

Customized Design

Any font size, color and look can be set and directly adapted to a web page.

Fast Loading Time

For the best user experience, the form loads in a few milliseconds without any delays.

Active Community

You can actively participate in the development via our feature-up-vote system or the Facebook group.

External Integration

Tie your forms into external landing page builders like Clickfunnels, Funnelcockpit, OnePage, etc!

Data Privacy

As German software developers, data protection is particularly close to our hearts. Funnelforms is GDPR compliant according to current, Europe-wide data protection laws.

A significant difference to comparable tools available on the market is that we do not process or store any data on our servers or on third-party servers. All leads and personal customer data reside solely with you on your website and web server and do not leave this closed system.

Smartphone App included

Get an up-to-the-minute overview of your lead generation with the official Funnelforms app. The app is available for Apple iOS and Google Android and can be downloaded for free directly from the store.


See all the leads received from your forms of different domains as well as statistics with numbers of impressions, conversions and conversion rate.

Lead Overview With Push Notification

You will be notified of a new lead via a push notification on your smartphone, so please allow us to send you push notifications when you first launch the app.

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