Roadmap & Versions

Our Milestones for 2022

Previous Versions And Updates / Changelog:

Version Changelog:

– External embedding bug fixed

– Fixed a bug in the display of leads

– Minor bug fixes for front & backend

Version Changelog:

– Minor bug fixes for front & backend

Version 3.1 Changelog:

– New, intuitive form editor

– Save incompletely filled out forms

– Completely new backend design

– Individual icons in contact forms

– First steps checklist for easy creation of your forms

– Dark mode for the night owls and late night hustlers

– Easier and more intuitive processing of questions, contact forms and forms with significantly fewer clicks than before

– Country selection in the phone field of the contact form

– More stable code structure with faster loading time in the backend

– New interfaces to Mailchimp, GetResponse and Pipedrive

– Extension of the dashboard and analytics with settings for specific months and years

– Improved import and export of questions, contact forms and forms

– English language version of the plugin

Version Changelog:

– Bug on iOS devices in forms with conditional logic has been fixed

Version 3.0.5 Changelog:

– HubSpot connection integrated

– Tables in the backend are now sortable

– finCRM connection extended by transferring more contact fields

– Minor bug fixes 

Version 3.0.4 Changelog:

– Sliders can now be provided with an icon

– Email attachments can now be sent in the autoresponder

– Conditions can now be set in text fields

– Minor bug fixes

Version 3.0.3 Changelog:

– Participants who book appointments now receive calendar invitations and reminders

– The event overview in the backend has been revised

– In each question you can now add a JavaScript event code e.g. for Facebook Ad Tracking

– Minor bug fixes

Version 3.0.2 Changelog:

– finCRM connection extended by phone number

– Minor bug fixes

Version 3.0.1 Changelog:

– Minor Bug Fixes

Version 3.0 Changelog:

– Appointment booking function – connect your iCloud, Google, Office 365, Exchange or Outlook calendar with automatic availability display and entry of the appointment in the calendar

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.9.3 Changelog:

– SMS verification: By integrating the MessageBird tool, you can now verify the authenticity of your leads via SMS within the funnel form.

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.9.2 Changelog:

– Elements of the salutation field can now be individually enabled or disabled

– In the file upload you can now specify the allowed file types

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.9.1 Changelog:

– Replies can be displayed via the tag [reply] in a content field within the form as a summary for the customer

– The notification mail has been made clearer

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.9 Changelog:

– The form URL as well as the parameters are now attached to the leads

– The contact form at the end can be prefilled by Get parameters

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.8.1 Changelog:

– Questions are now categorizable

– finCRM connection integrated

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.8 Changelog:

– Major frontend design update

– New question type: address field with Google Maps integration

– New contact form field: salutation

– File uploads now in the mail as attachment

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.7.5 Changelog:

– Success message after successful form submission now customizable and visually improved

– Attachments from the file upload can now be downloaded bundled as a ZIP archive

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.7.4 Changelog:

– Redirect can now be opened in new tab

– The layout of the form builder has been improved

– Error monitoring has been optimized and refined

– Performance optimizations and minor bug fixes

Version 2.7.3 Changelog:

– Popup function implemented

– Responsive layout was improved

– Plugin menu in WordPress is permanently displayed

– File upload now saves privately with increased security

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.7.2 Changelog:

– Automatic jump to form title (mobile) can now be disabled.

– Breakpoint for mobile was increased to 700px

– A description can now be added to the contact form

– Minor bug fixes 

Version 2.7.1 Changelog:

– New mobile and desktop layouts (tiles and lists)

– Error monitoring implemented

– Contact form success message now editable

– Get parameter / forwarding parameter implemented

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.6.1 Changelog:

– It is now possible to build even just a contact form with Funnelforms (without asking any questions beforehand).

– FontAwesome can now be disabled in the form settings

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.6 Changelog:

– Dashboard statistics can be reset

– Bug with Font Awesome icons has been fixed

– Smartphone App on iOS and Android – from now on the website can be linked via a QR code

– Loading animation has been disabled by default and can be enabled via checkbox in settings

Version 2.5.8 Changelog:

– Contact form does not validate correctly when HTML field is inserted

– FontAwesome Icon Fixes

Version 2.5.7 Changelog:

– Troubleshooting in communication with the smartphone app

Version 2.5.6 Changelog:

– CSV export now also contains all answers

– Design improvements dropdown field

Version 2.5.5 Changelog:

– Minor Bug Fixes

Version 2.5.4 Changelog:

– In the lead overview, the columns can now be set user-defined.

– In the form, H headings are no longer set – this led to conflicts with the onpage SEO

Version 2.5.3 Changelog:

– In the contact form HTML fields can now be used (e.g. for additional descriptions, headings, images, icons or tracking code)

– Dropdown field responses can now be used for conditional logic

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.5 Changelog:

– Dropdown field integrated

– New questions can now be created directly from the question editor

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.4.8 Changelog:

– HTML tags (like images in signature) possible in contact form

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.4.7 Changelog:

– Minor Bug Fixes

Version 2.4.6 Changelog:

– New backend functions in the lead overview

– Questions can now be edited directly from forms

– Sliders can now also be entered manually

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.4.5 Changelog:

– Minor Bug Fixes

Version 2.4.4 Changelog:

– Minor Bug Fixes in the  Datepicker

Version Changelog:

– Preparation for App

Version 2.4.0 Changelog:

– File upload field integrated

– Sliderbackground color now adjustable

– Font color of contact form adjustable

– Tags can now be used in the contact form

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.3.3 Changelog:

– Forward and back buttons now individually labelable

– Reply-To field added to contact form

– Dashboard now shows correct numbers

– Standard fonts now definable

– Backend design revised

– Minor bug fixes

Version Changelog:

– Hotfix Free – Pro Version

Version 2.3.0 Changelog:

– Date picker is now color customizable

– New demos are integrated

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.2.1 Changelog:

– Date picker now available as question type

– Full text search integrated in the questions and in the form builder

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.5 Changelog:

– Fixed bug that not all data was transferred from some mobile devices

– Optimizepress 2 is now compatible with Funnelforms

– Checkboxes can be marked more easily via the text

Version 2.1.4 Changelog:

– Form builder in Safari now works

– Backend titles of forms are now automatically generated

– Umlauts in emails are now displayed correctly

Version 2.1.3 Changelog:

– Text fields or text areas can be set as mandatory fields

– Contact form IDs are now displayed in settings

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.2 Changelog:

– Error fixed: Line break at slider

– Bug fixed: not displayed background color

– Color of the loading animation can now be chosen freely + new animation

Version 2.1 Changelog:

– Description field possible for each question

– Display of leads in the backend

– Google reCaptcha v2 integration for spam prevention

Version Changelog:

– Minor Bug Fixes

Version 2.0.12 Changelog:

– Loading Animation

– Minor Bug Fixes

Version Changelog:

– Minor Bug Fixes

Version Changelog:

– Mobile display bug fixed

– Prevention of double submission of the form

Version 2.0.11 Changelog:

– Zoom function for touchpads

– Caching error fixed

– Integration of further demo forms

Version Changelog:

– Embedding function in external systems

– Integration of further demo forms

Version 2.0.10 Changelog:

– Zapier integration

– Demo import of finished forms

– AWS hosting for 100% reliability

– Content page automatically redirect after X seconds

– Minor fixes and improvements

Version Changelog:

– Contact form checkbox links open in new window

Version Changelog:

– Minor Fixes

Version Changelog:

– Contact form styling

– Slider conditions

– Start question with HTML content

Version Changelog:

– Import, export function

– Contact form autofill

– New slider functions

– Minor fixes

Version 2.0.9 Changelog:

– New form types integration:

– Text area

– Slider

– All stylings customizable in the backend

– Maximum number of selectable answers in multiselect

Version Changelog:

– Bugfixes

Version Changelog:

– new desktop and mobile design

– Revised frontend

– No more loading times in the form

Version Changelog:

– Rebuilt license check (this solves the problem that the plugin deactivates itself for customers who host at Checkdomain)

Version Changelog:

– WP Mail function implemented (this solves the problems with sending mail for some, but this function should only be used in exceptional cases!)

Version 2.0.7 Changelog:

– Contact form backend new layout

– CC and BCC fields

– Autoresponder

– Own SMTP server

– New question type: free text field

Version 2.0.6 Changelog:

– Contact form bug fixes

– Click-Tip connection

– ActiveCampaign connection

Version 2.0.5 Changelog:

– License server problems fixed

– Changes in the frontend are displayed correctly

– Updates will be delivered directly via WordPress in the future

– Password fields are encrypted with dots

– Mandatory fields are now also marked in the frontend

– Minor fixes